Samudrika Pattu

The name – Samudrika Pattu is derived from the very famous Puarana book “Samudrika Lakshanam” written by the Samudra raja (King of the sea) around 1890. It says “A beautiful woman is the epitome of the perfect creation, in other words she is endowed with “Samudrika Lakshanam (Woman embodied with all essential qualities)”.

Samundrika silk saree is a modern take on the traditional checked patterns of the yesteryears.The intricate designs within the checks conceived in this saree will make you stand out in a crowd, giving you the attention you rightly deserve.You will want to pick up this authentic samundrika saree the moment you lay eyes on it, because of its delectable exquisite colours rightly complimented by the rich jari floral designs that cover the entire saree. The intricate gold brocade work is indeed a treat to the eyes. This saree stands out for its creative play with stripes, colours and patterns. The Multi-coloured closely placed vertical stripes; broad stripes with inlaid gold jari patterns, temple borders and the bavanji design head piece, all together create a magnificent and luxurious creation.

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