Wedding themes – Celestial Wedding!!

Getting married? — Congratulations! It’s time to decide on one of the most critical components of your special day: the wedding theme!!. Finding the right theme for your wedding can be as difficult as selecting the perfect dress, but i am going to help you have a little fun along the way.

Hundreds of wedding themes that will spoil you for choice.

Theme 1: Celestial Wedding

Twinkling stars, Moonlight delights, sunshine smiles never go out of style. We’ve always had a fascination for celestial why not have a wedding that is donned by stars and gleaming moon that shower its blessing on the bride and groom.  Tie the knot outdoors to give weddings an altogether different touch, although for a bigger congregation, it’s ideal to select an indoor venue. A planitorium, a hill top, a resort, a skyview reception hall or a large banquet hall will be a perfect setting for the celestial dream wedding. The timing of your event should be so that you can enjoy the night time skies and the stars, but in the event that you are unable to come in or go out with a blanket of stars shining above you, you can find home planetariums or star machines that will project stars and planets throughout your room and give your reception an other worldly feel.  This will certainly make your wedding a night to remember.

To give your celestial theme wedding more sparkle you can decorate the venue with gold stars, gleaming moon and electrical arrangement showing the movements of stars etc.

For your bouquet, you can use white lilies and have the florist spray the tips of them with silver paint or glitter paint to make them stand out or candles for the centerpieces it will give it a star. Tie the stems with your dark blue in a thick dark blue satin ribbon. Name your tables after constellations or all things celestial related, in place of table numbers.

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Use mirror tiles or some textured paint to make a flat circular or hokey crescent shaped “moon”and in the craters put tealights dusted with just a little luster dust. Underlay the linens with an iredescent purple matte finish blue on top with a slight swirl pattern.

The bride’s attire can be the traditional heavenly white sari/lehanga, donned with crystal accents will make the saree/lehanga standout and shine as bright as the brightest star.  Or you can also opt for a midnight blue sari, heavily decorated with sparkling crystals.  Choose a attire that has some beautiful gold or silver thread embroidering on the bodice and the train, and adding that extra little touch will give your sari/lehanga a boost of shimmer no matter what type of light you are standing in.

Favors – Star shaped cookie cutters, Star shaped candy filled with chocolates, caramel, etc. Wrap them shimmery tulle, and tie off with curling ribbons to match your colors.Candles that are either star shaped, or candle holders that are star shaped, Wrap taper candles with the metallic star garlands; tie ends in a bow, Splits of wine, decorated with a homemade label features moons and stars, Magnets in the shapes of stars and moons, Star shaped tea lights; wrap in tulle and decorate with curling ribbons.



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