Bridal Hairstyles for Wedding and Reception

Every woman wants to look her best on her wedding day. Brides go for different hairstyles to suit different wedding events like sangeeth, engagement, wedding, reception etc and there are innumerable options to choose from. The choice  depends on the outfit the bride will wear for a event.

The hairstyle is decided well in advance according to the personality of the bride, the shape of her face, her height and her outfit.

If the groom is very tall compared to the bride, a hairstyle that adds height to the bride is usually chosen. Such a style comprises of a hair updo usually a bun adorned with flowers. Flowers, beads, sequins, glitters, diamante clips, hair pins, hair jewelry and hair stick are all used to adorn the bridal hairstyle.The floral strings can be attached in a number of ways. It may be encircled around the bun as a single string, or as multiple strings.

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In the case of South Indian weddings, multiple floral strings are attached to the bun which may be placed at the nape, high up or at the middle depending on what suits the bride. Indian Muslim and Punjabi brides often go for hair braided into two plaits both hanging over the shoulders in the front. The plaits are adorned with flowers.

Bridal hairstyles are incomplete without bridal hair jewelries. These not only adorn the hairstyle but are also essential bridal jewelry. A bridal hair jewelry comprises of beads, jewel comb, jewel hair pins, Maang tika, Tiara, Strands of pearls and many more. Jeweled clips are often used to fix up the hairdo.


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