Bridal Skin Care

Every woman wants to look gorgeous and beautiful on her wedding day. Well if you want your skin to glow and to have a very soft and delicate skin you will have to follow this regime atleast a month before your wedding day. Its important that you know the your skin type.

Home made facial:

A basic facial must include at least 3 elements: (1) cleansing (2) toning and (3) moisturising. Additional steps might include steaming, exfoliating and masking.

  • Step 1 : Before cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser, it is wise to give yourself a light steam treatment to open your pores and prepare your face for cleaning. To do this, simply soak a soft towel in a bowl of comfortably warm herbal tea. Wring out the towel and place it over your face and neck area and relax until it cools slightly. You may repeat this process.
  • Step 2 : Cleanse your face with a good Cleanser. Use upward, circular movements of the fingertips to gently stimulate the skin and help lift surface debris and excess oil. Rinse with warm water and gently pat excess moisture from face with a soft towel. If you wear heavy make-up, you might wish to repeat the cleansing process.
  • Step 3 : After cleansing, it is important to tone the skin using ingredients that help balance the pH of the skin, which is typically disturbed during the cleansing process. Apply the toner with a soft cotton pad, but do not rub the skin. Rather, saturate the pad and pat the toner over the face and neck area. Do not pat skin dry. Avoid eye area when using this toner. You skin is now ready for moisturizing.
  • Step 4Moisturize your skin using Aromatic Facial Oil, which contains a host of soothing ingredients to add moisture and nutrients to your skin. To seal in the moisture, be sure to apply the oil while skin remains damp from applying the toner. Gently apply the oil to your face and neck using patting motions. For oily areas of skin, one application of oil should suffice. Apply twice to dry areas of skin, waiting about 2-3 minutes between applications, and being sure to moisten the skin slightly with water or toner before the second application.
  • Step 5 : Finally, if you want you can finish off with a gentle exfoliation and mask to your treatment. Persons with oily skin may find exfoliation beneficial once or twice a week, while people with dry skin may wish to exfoliate only once a month.

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