Wedding Theme – Floral

There are innumerable wedding themes but nothing can match the aura of Flower Weddings. As floral decorations and bouquets are indelible parts of every wedding ceremony. There can not be a better idea to give your weddings an all inclusive floral themes. From vivacious colours to multicoloured assortment; from perfumed buds to fascinating shape; from the uncommon blooms to the most universal options; picking the flower of your choice can be tough decision to make. It’s wise to select the flower which sparks the essence of the merrymaking and weddings.

You can choose from the select list of the flowers like Rose, Daisy, Tulip, Hydrangea, Daffodil, Orchid, Stephanotis, Calla Lily, Lily of the Valley, Pansy, Gardenia, Peony, Sweet Peas, Iris and Magnolia. For this you can ask for the services of the professional decorators who will give creative shapes to your dream wedding.

For a summer wedding, you can choose girlie pink and with handbags being every girls favourite ‘a floral handbag’ will give you that ultra chic edge. Hot colors especially pinks, oranges and yellows are top of the list. Accent with a splash of vibrant green and the energy of summer is in full bloom. Green flowers a “blooming” favorite for the modern bride. Roses, hydrangeas, lisianthus, orchids, viburnium, anthurium, celosia carnations and chrysanthemums all in wonderful variations of natural green designed in monobotanic bouquets or creatively combined for texture and form are a favorite.

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For fall wedding, choose rustic venues such as barns and country cottages, as well as decorations featuring wheat and maple leaves. The bright summer colors will change to feature darker reds, oranges and yellows, as well incorporating seasonal products such as pumpkins, apples, and pears. Wedding favours will also help to get your guests in the mood, with personalized hot cocoa mixes, leaf shaped cookies, or even personalized jams and honey.

For a winter wedding, you can choose – Amaryllis, Camellias, Catkins, Cosmos,Cymbidium Orchid, Eucalyptus, Fruiting Ivy, Heather,  Iris, Ivy Berries, Paperwhite Narcissi, Pussy Willow,Ranunculus, Rosehips, Rosemary, Snowdrops and Twisted Willows.


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